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DateTitleTeacherBible VerseDownload
26/12/10Thanksgiving David Smith 2 Cor 9:6-15 37mb
19/12/10What is the big deal about Chr David Smith Isaiah 9:15-20; Col 1:15-20 39mb
12/12/10A Divine Prayer David Smith Psalm 16 34mb
05/12/10At Home with the Lord David Smith Psalm 15 32mb
27/11/10Whoose Fool are You? David Smith Psalm 14 31mb
21/11/10How Long David Smith Psalm 13 27mb
14/11/10The Dilemma of Insincerity David Smith Psalm 12 33mb
31/10/10Good, Better, Best Ian Henning Hebrews 10 29mb
24/10/10To The Unknown God Keith Harris Acts 17:16-28 33mb
17/10/10Understanding the Times Keith Harris 1 Chronicles 12:23-38 24mb
10/10/10In God's Care David Smith Psalm 11 32mb
03/10/10When God Moves Out David Smith Psalm 10 36mb
26/09/10How Shall We Sing the Lordís S David Smith Psalm 137-138 30mb
19/09/10If God is For Us David Smith Psalm 9 28mb
12/09/10Jehovah our Lord David Smith Psalm 8 30mb
05/09/10Bitter Harvest David Smith Psalm 7 34mb
29/08/10A prayer of dispair David Smith Psalm 6 31mb
22/08/10Evangelical Speak David Smith Exodus 20:1-17 37mb
15/08/10The Best House in the Street David Smith Haggai 1:1-15 36mb
08/08/10 30mb
01/08/10Greater Joy David Smith Psalm 4 27mb
25/07/10If God is For Me David Smith Psalm 3 39mb
18/07/10Sovereign Ruler David Smith Psalm 2 25mb
11/07/10True Happiness David Smith Psalm 1 34mb
04/07/10The Kingdom Established David Smith Mark 16:9-20 34mb
27/06/10A New Day David Smith Mark 15:42 - 16:8 27mb
20/06/10 Geoff Reilly Acts 17:16-34 38mb
13/06/10God Seen is God Praised David Marshall Psalm 138 33mb
06/06/10Six Hours That Changed The Wor David Smith Mark 15:16-41 31mb
30/05/10The Scapegoat David Smith Mark 15:1-15 29mb
23/05/10A Promise from God David Smith Genesis 15:1-21 35mb
16/05/10I am David Smith Mark 14:62-15:2 23mb
09/05/10Creating Mum John Mackay Genesis 51mb
02/05/10The Pain of Anticipation David Smith Mark 14:32-42 30mb
25/04/10Scattered Sheep David Smith Mark 14:32-42 29mb
18/04/10This is for You David Smith Mark 14:12-26 34mb
11/04/10A Body Prepared David Smith Mark 14:1-11 27mb
04/04/10It is Finished David Smith Hebrews 5:11-6:12 30mb
28/03/10Till I Return, Be Ready, But N David Smith Mark 13:1-37 34mb
21/03/10Check Your Values David Smith Mark 12:35-44 30mb
14/03/10 Jeff Reilly Romans 8:18-39 42mb
07/03/10Summing Up the Commandments David Smith Mark 12:28-34 28mb
28/02/10What Do You Know? Malcolm Covelle 1 Kings 18:23-33 35mb
21/02/10God of the Livings David Smith Mark 12:18:27 31mb
14/02/10 David Smith Philippians 1:1-30 30mb
07/02/10Honour the King David Smith Mark 12:13-18 30mb
31/01/10Tenants From Hell David Smith Mark 11:27-12:12 28mb
24/01/10The Prophet, Priest and King A David Smith Mark 11:1-21 26mb
17/01/10You Want Honour? You Just Don' David Smith Mark 10:35-45 31mb
10/01/10Good for Heaven David Smith Mark 10:17-31 25mb
03/01/10 29mb

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